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The process for creating our virtual tours is roughly the same for each but then again, every project can be different in its intended use and hence how we might approach it. Each is tailored to what you need but no matter what, we ensure the highest quality, premium product.  We do more, we care more and for that, you will get the best.

Capture & Edit caret-down

Identifying the tour’s use from a marketing and communications standpoint so we know what media we need to capture. With our help, the client identifies what spaces we need to capture in 360 which results in a room list.  We provide advice, documents to share to stakeholders for preparation, staging, about being 360ML ‘tidy’, as well as risk assessments and our plan for the photography shoot day(s).

When it comes to editing, we do more than your average photographer – a lot more.  We do HDR and stitch the images to create the equirectangular shots but we also colour correct and Photoshop edit just about anything, as much as the client desires – sky replacements, grass replacements, removing objects from the shot when possible etc. These special touches are what separate us from others. We can also supply virtual staging.

We do all the hard work and pay special attention to the details and edits required to perfect the images.

Build & Design caret-down

Similar to a website build, a design kickoff and briefing stage always start a project, which leads to an iteration or two of design ‘look and feel’ and then a build process of coding and user behaviour management with attention paid to UX and UI which results in a Preview Stage of the tour for the client.

As every tour is bespoke built, we are taking special care to set the ‘start view’ in every room, linking spaces together to create a journey through the school and looking at the tour as a user, rather than as the builder.

The design of each tour will be on-brand to your business, using your colours for all the elements such as icons, arrows, close x’s photo albums, video players.

Embed & Amend caret-down

With the base layer of photography and linked rooms in place and agreed, we then take the client’s content and embed that content into the relevant rooms and menus to create a journey, things to experience along the way as a user explores the space.

Having content that is engaging is the key to this stage and we offer guidance on what and how much is needed and we do think more is more. Most projects will allow for at least one content hotspot per room, and many projects will have more.

We feel it’s what we put in the rooms that hold the most value so we encourage adding all types of content – from images and video to narration from pupils to diegetic sounds and 3D model embeds.

Rounds of amends are offered for the process to be collaborative and so the client is 100% happy with the finished product.

Test & Launch caret-down

Ensuring responsive design and compatibility on all devices and browsers for best UI. The tour needs to be accessible on all devices, and all browsers and how the icons and 360 images behave in each can be different so it’s important that we test how an icon look and where it sits on a mobile phone vs on a desktop.  Looking for anomalies in overlapping icons, invisible buttons or 360s that don’t work properly with the gyroscope is an integral part of this process.

We also prepare our tours for a VR mode tour as a separate link to be viewed in a VR headset for clients to use.